Suede Texture

The Silestone Suede finish is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and effect that is pure beauty and luxury.

Main characteristics are: a luxurious matt finish, no additional product is required to enhance its beautiful color and tone, high resistance to stains, a soft and remarkable touch and a total color consistency. This finish is perfect for countertops or tiling.

Volcano Texture

Volcano is a quartz surface texture from Silestone that is both rustic and soft at the same time. Volcano is the result of R&D effort to find an attractive surface for kitchens and bathrooms.

Volcano was designed for those who love rugged materials and is perfect to use as wall panels and countertops.

This product has been treated to make it easy to maintain on a daily basis, and is easy to wash with soap and water.

Polished Texture

Its the original Silestone® polished quartz surface. The look and feel that stands the test of time. With glimmering radiance and the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestones original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.

Polished Texture

In flooring applications, the best solution is a polished finish. These finishes, like all non-polished finishes, have important requirements concerning quartz countertops maintenance.