Corporate Social Responsability

At Cosentino, from the beginning, we strive daily to maintain our commitment to society, which is reflected in continued support through training and sponsorships of cultural, educational and sports activities.

Corporate sustainability means meeting the needs of the company, without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The physical environment, and its natural resources, involve everyone living on planet Earth and is a prerequisite for a balanced lifestyle: we need to ensure that whatever resources are taken from it will not lead to their depletion beyond repair.

When we speak of sustainability, we not only mean natural resources, but also of a number of essential intangible qualities that give shape to a sustainable business culture.

The company forms part of civil society and therefore its interests should coincide with the general interests of society. It is true that business ethics means survival and the generation of wealth for the company. However, it should also promote the welfare of society, giving back, inasmuch as this is at all possible a substantial amount of what it has received.

Throughout its history, Cosentino Group has been actively involved with Business Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and other Public Corporations.

For us, it is very satisfying to witness the dreams of social improvement actually materialize; Cosentino has a firm commitment to continue contributing to the development of society.

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