Ocean Silestone Series
Colour in movement

Ocean is synonymous with movement, as the colours flow from one side to the other, creating a natural appearance similar to that of exotic granites that can be mined but with all the advantages of Silestone®.

Dive through 6 colours especially designed to create a unique and natural feeling that will give a new and distinctive look to your home.

Artic Ocean Silestone Series
Clarity in movement

As the lightest colour in the series, Arctic incorporates translucent cream colour details and movement to reveal the volume of the material. It is ideal to enhance room brightness and spaciousness.

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Pacific Ocean Silestone Series
Natural with a distinctive touch

A combination of colours: beige, brown, black and special gold veins with a personality of their own give Pacific an exceptional exotic appearance.

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Hudson Ocean Silestone Series
The elegance of gray

Hudson, with a predominantly gray base and small brown veins, conveys elegance and simplicity, but without losing the naturalness and movement that characterize the series.

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Mediterranean Ocean Silestone Series
A sea of possibilities

A sea of creams and browns that add warmth to any room, with dark veins that provide contrast and enhanced colour movement.

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Bering Ocean Silestone Series
Earth and fire,
nature's basic elements

Bering incorporates intense earth tones and light veins running from one side to the other providing a natural and warm appearance.

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Atlantis Ocean Silestone Series
The depth of colour.

Atlantis is a deep ocean, with dark tones and small white veins across the surface that represent the movement and personality of a moving ocean and the properties of Silestone®.

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